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CRX cdna clone product blog

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     The CRX crx (Catalog #MBS1267368) is a cDNA Clone and is intended for research purposes only. The product is available for immediate purchase.

The CRX crx product has the following accession number(s) (GI #16741737) (NCBI Accession #BC016664). Researchers may be interested in using Bioinformatics databases such as those available at The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website for more information about accession numbers and the proteins they represent. Even researchers unfamiliar with bioinformatics databases will find the NCBI databases to be quite user friendly and useful. The amino acid sequence is listed below:
atgatggcgt atatgaaccc ggggccccac tattctgtca acgccttggc cctaagtggc cccagtgtgg atctgatgca ccaggctgtg ccctacccaa gcgcccccag gaagcagcgg cgggagcgca ccaccttcac ccggagccaa ctggaggagc tggaggcact gtttgccaag acccagtacc cagacgtcta tgcccgtgag gaggtggctc tgaagatcaa tctgcctgag tccagggttc aggtttggtt caagaaccgg agggctaaat gcaggcagca gcgacagcag cagaaacagc agcagcagcc cccagggggc caggccaagg cccggcctgc caagaggaag gcgggcacgt ccccaagacc ctccacagat gtgtgtccag accctctggg catctcagat tcctacagtc cccctctgcc cggcccctca ggctccccaa ccacggcagt ggccactgtg tccatctgga gcccagcctc agagtcccct ttgcctgagg cgcagcgggc tgggctggtg gcctcagggc cgtctctgac ctccgccccc tatgccatga cctacgcccc ggcctccgct ttctgctctt ccccctccgc ctatgggtct ccgagctcct atttcagcgg cctagacccc tacctttctc ccatggtgcc ccagctaggg ggcccggctc ttagccccct ctctggcccc tccgtgggac cttccctggc ccagtccccc acctccctat caggccagag ctatggcgcc tacagccccg tggatagctt ggaattcaag gaccccacgg gcacctggaa attcacctac aatcccatgg accctctgga ctacaaggat cagagtgcct ggaagtttca gatcttgtag.

To buy or view more detailed product information and pricing, please click on the technical datasheet page below:

CRX crx

Vector: pENTR223.1 or pUC. Clone Sequence Report: Provided with product shipment. Brain Diseases, CONE-ROD DYSTROPHY 2, Eye Abnormalities, Hyperplasia, Hypertension, Learning Disorders, Leber Congenital Amaurosis, Necrosis, Retinal Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa are some of the diseases may be linked to CRX cDNA Clone.
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