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HPD cdna clone product blog

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     The HPD hpd (Catalog #MBS1267107) is a cDNA Clone and is intended for research purposes only. The product is available for immediate purchase.

The HPD hpd product has the following accession number(s) (GI #18999510) (NCBI Accession #BC024287). Researchers may be interested in using Bioinformatics databases such as those available at The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website for more information about accession numbers and the proteins they represent. Even researchers unfamiliar with bioinformatics databases will find the NCBI databases to be quite user friendly and useful. The amino acid sequence is listed below:
atgacgactt acagtgacaa aggggcaaag cctgagagag gccgattcct ccacttccac tctgtgacct tctgggttgg caacgccaag caggccgcgt cattctactg cagcaagatg ggctttgaac ctctagccta caggggcctg gagaccggtt cccgggaggt ggtcagccat gtaatcaaac aagggaagat tgtgtttgtc ctctcctcag cgctcaaccc ctggaacaaa gagatgggcg atcacctggt gaaacacggt gacggagtga aggacattgc gttcgaggtg gaagattgtg actacatcgt gcagaaagca cgggaacggg gcgccaaaat catgcgggag ccctgggtag agcaagacaa gtttgggaag gtgaagtttg ctgtgctgca gacgtatggg gacaccacac acaccctggt ggagaagatg aactacatcg gccaattctt gcctggatat gaggccccag cgttcatgga ccccctactt cctaaactgc ccaaatgcag tctggagatg atcgaccaca ttgtgggaaa ccagcctgat caggagatgg tgtccgcctc cgaatggtac ctgaaaaacc tgcagttcca ccgcttctgg tccgtggatg acacgcaggt gcacacggaa tatagctctc tgcgatccat tgtggtggcc aactatgaag agtccatcaa gatgcccatc aatgagccag cgcctggcaa gaagaagtcc cagatccagg aatatgtgga ctataacggg ggcgctgggg tccagcacat cgctctcaag accgaagaca tcatcacagc gattcgccac ttgagagaga gaggcctgga gttcttatct gttccctcca cgtactacaa acaactgcgg gagaagctga agacggccaa gatcaaggtg aaggagaaca ttgatgccct ggaggagctg aaaatcctgg tggactacga cgagaaaggc tacctcctgc agatcttcac caaaccggtg caggaccggc ccacgctctt cctggaagtc atccagcgcc acaaccacca gggttttgga gccggcaact tcaactcact gttcaaggct ttcgaggagg agcagaacct gcggggtaac ctcaccaaca tggagaccaa tggggtggtg cccggcatgt aa.

To buy or view more detailed product information and pricing, please click on the technical datasheet page below:

HPD hpd

Vector: pENTR223.1 or pUC. Clone Sequence Report: Provided with product shipment. Brain Diseases, Drug Toxicity, Kidney Diseases, Liver Diseases, Liver Neoplasms, Lung Neoplasms, Necrosis, Neoplasms, Nervous System Diseases, Urinary Bladder Neoplasms are some of the diseases may be linked to HPD cDNA Clone. Brain, Cervix, Eye, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Lymph, Mammary Gland, Testis tissues are correlated with this protein. The following patways have been known to be associated with this gene.
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