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PCYT2 cdna clone product blog

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     The PCYT2 pcyt2 (Catalog #MBS1267773) is a cDNA Clone and is intended for research purposes only. The product is available for immediate purchase.

The PCYT2 pcyt2 product has the following accession number(s) (GI #38197124) (NCBI Accession #BC000351). Researchers may be interested in using Bioinformatics databases such as those available at The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website for more information about accession numbers and the proteins they represent. Even researchers unfamiliar with bioinformatics databases will find the NCBI databases to be quite user friendly and useful. The amino acid sequence is listed below:
atgatccgga acgggcgcgg ggctgcaggc ggcgcagagc agccgggccc ggggggcagg cgcgccgtga gggtgtggtg cgatggctgc tatgacatgg tgcattacgg ccactccaac cagctgcgcc aggcacgggc catgggtgac tacctcatcg taggcgtgca caccgatgag gagatcgcca agcacaaggg gcccccggtg ttcactcagg aggagagata caagatggtg caggccatca aatgggtgga cgaggtggtg ccagcggctc cctacgtcac tacactagag accctggaca aatacaactg tgacttctgt gttcacggca atgacatcac cctgactgta gatggccggg acacctatga ggaagtaaag caggctggga ggtacagaga atgcaagcgc acgcaagggg tgtccaccac agacctcgtg ggccgcatgc tgctggtaac caaagcccat cacagcagcc aggagatgtc ctctgagtac cgggagtatg cagacagttt tggcaagtgc cctggtgggc ggaacccctg gaccggggta tcccagttcc tgcagacatc tcagaagatc atccagtttg cttctgggaa ggagccccag ccaggggaga cagtcatcta tgtggctggt gccttcgacc tgttccacat cgggcatgtg gacttcctgg agaaggtgca caggctggca gagaggccct acatcatcgc gggcttacac tttgaccagg aggtcaatca ctacaagggg aagaactacc ccatcatgaa tctgcatgaa cggactctga gcgtgctggc ctgccggtac gtgtcagaag tggtgattgg agccccgtac gcggtcacag cagagctcct aagtcacttc aaggtggacc tggtgtgtca cggcaagaca gaaattatcc ctgacaggga tggctccgac ccataccagg agcccaagag aaggggcatc ttccgtcaga ttgacagtgg cagcaacctc accacagacc tcatcgtcca gcggatcatc accaacaggt tggagtatga ggcgcgaaac cagaagaagg aagccaagga gctggccttc ctggaggctg ccaggcagca ggcggcacag cccctggggg agcgcgatgg tgacttctaa.

To buy or view more detailed product information and pricing, please click on the technical datasheet page below:

PCYT2 pcyt2

Vector: pENTR223.1 or pUC. Clone Sequence Report: Provided with product shipment. Atherosclerosis, Fatty Liver, Liver Diseases, Neoplasms are some of the diseases may be linked to PCYT2 cDNA Clone. Adipose Tissue, Blood, Brain, Embryonic Tissue, Heart, Intestine, Kidney, Liver, Muscle, Spleen tissues are correlated with this protein. The following patways have been known to be associated with this gene.
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