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STX5 cdna clone product blog

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     The STX5 stx5 (Catalog #MBS1278879) is a cDNA Clone and is intended for research purposes only. The product is available for immediate purchase.

The STX5 stx5 product has the following accession number(s) (GI #15082436) (NCBI Accession #BC012137). Researchers may be interested in using Bioinformatics databases such as those available at The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website for more information about accession numbers and the proteins they represent. Even researchers unfamiliar with bioinformatics databases will find the NCBI databases to be quite user friendly and useful. The amino acid sequence is listed below:
atgtcctgcc gggatcggac ccaggagttt ctgtctgcct gcaagtcgct gcagacccgt cagaatggaa tccagacaaa taagccagct ttgcgtgctg tccgacaacg cagtgaattc accctcatgg ccaagcgcat tgggaaagac cttagcaaca catttgccaa gctggagaag ctgacaatct tggcaaagcg caagtccctc tttgatgata aagcagtgga aattgaagag ctaacatata tcatcaaaca ggacatcaat agcctcaaca aacaaattgc tcagctccag gatttcgtga gagccaaggg cagccagagt ggccggcacc tgcagaccca ctccaacacc attgtggtct ccttgcagtc gaaactggct tctatgtcca atgacttcaa atcggtttta gaagtgagga cagagaacct gaagcagcag aggagccgga gagagcagtt ctcccgggca cctgtgtcag ccctgcccct tgcccctaac cacctgggcg gtggtgctgt ggttctgggg gcagagtccc atgcctccaa ggatgtcgcc atcgacatga tggactctcg gaccagccag cagctgcagc tcattgacga gcaggattcc tacatccaga gtcgggcaga caccatgcag aacattgagt cgacaattgt tgagttgggc tccatctttc agcagttggc acacatggtt aaggaacagg aggaaaccat tcagaggatc gacgagaacg tgctaggagc ccagctggac gttgaggccg cccattcaga gatcctcaag tacttccagt ctgtcacctc caaccggtgg ctcatggtca aaatcttcct catcctcatt gtcttcttca tcatctttgt ggtcttcctt gcttga.

To buy or view more detailed product information and pricing, please click on the technical datasheet page below:

STX5 stx5

Vector: pENTR223.1 or pUC. Clone Sequence Report: Provided with product shipment. Blood, Brain, Embryonic Tissue, Kidney tissues are correlated with this protein. Inflammation are some of the diseases may be linked to STX5 cDNA Clone. The following patways have been known to be associated with this gene.
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